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Ten years ago, the familiar world sank into oblivion, changed forever, when a Gate appeared everywhere, connecting the Earth with a magical reality, where all sorts of monsters live. These monsters poured into the cities, and it would have been bad for humanity if, along with the appearance of gates and monsters, some selected people were not granted superhuman abilities, thanks to which they were able to resist the attacks. Such people were called Hunters, the strongest of which eventually organized guilds and began to engage in the killing of monsters and treasure hunting professionally.

Unfortunately, twenty-year-old Jin Son is not even close to such achievements, because he is the weakest of the weakest, a hunter of rank E. Even the lowest-level dungeons, to go to which for others is a child's walk, for him is a serious test that threatens death. However, Jin-Sung has no choice, because going to the dungeon is the fastest way to earn money, which he really needs to pay for his mother's hospital bills and his younger sister's education.

Surely, he would just die in the next dungeon, if only... But no, wait. That's exactly what happened. Jin-sung, who swung at the D-rank dungeon, died along with the entire squad. Or was he still alive? It seems that he still survived, he was taken to the hospital, examined in detail and found nothing unusual. Well, a miracle happened, everyone died, and he was alive and recovered quite quickly. It happens sometimes... Or not? Maybe it's not as simple as it seems from the outside?

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