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Genres : Type : Manhua Status : Ongoing Released : Posted by : RicheRich Released on : April 13, 2021 Updated on : April 21, 2021
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About Apotheosis - Luo Zheng, presently a modest slave who was brought into the world as the oldest child of an affluent family. Because of his family's decay and the capturing of his sister by an amazing power, he can now just be stepped on by others. Notwithstanding, paradise never closes all ways out. An antiquated book left by his dad uncovers a mysterious heavenly procedure, giving the peruser massive force! In any case, what is behind this force? This is a challenge against destiny.

Tumbling from incandescently happy to turning into a modest slave, Luo Zheng inadvertently changed himself into a weapon. The all around shut drapery on his story, got torn separated with a bang. Depending on a body similar to the most grounded of weapons, depending on a conviction to never bargain, he stepped towards the culmination, bit by bit. Fantastic fights for wonder, incredible races battling for power, sky shuddering ground shaking. With a body like mystical fortunes, he defeated all enemies on the planet. The second Luo Zheng opened his eyes, his legend started…

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